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 SSS Roof Scaffold - WorkSmart

SSS Roof Scaffold is an internationally award winning passive fall protection system.  For over 10 years, the SSS Scaffold System has been providing a safe working environment for all trades.  Once the SSS System is installed with handrails and planks, it provides a safe working platform and permitter fall protection.  This negates the needs for additional harnesses, positioning or fall arrest systems.

The entirely modular system is durable and made from hot dipped galvanised steel.  The main components are the Professional Contractor Bracket (adjustable to suit roof pitch from 22-45 degrees) and Hand Rail Support and End Protection that can also double as a workbench mount.

All components are easily folded into a compact, lightweight package that is easy to transport.  Once onsite, the entire system can be installed and utilised in minutes.  Various mounting options are available to suit all types of roofs (tile, iron or slate) without damage to the roof surface or compromising the waterproofing of the roof.

If you have any problems, you can always contact us on 1300-306-069 or complete this form and we will contact you back.


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Subby Pack

$1,955.00   $1,800.00 (Including tax)

Subby Pack (no Tile Adaptors)

$1,625.00   $1,550.00 (Including tax)

Super Subby Pack

$3,770.00   $3,600.00

Super Subby Pack (no Tile Adaptors)

$3,175.00   $3,000.00 (Including tax)

Builders Pack

$4,565.00   $4,500.00 (Including tax)